[aida] Lists and Tabs

Francisco A. Lizarralde st.easy.rider at gmail.com
Fri Feb 27 15:36:12 CET 2009

Hi Janko,

I'm an AidaWeb newbie. And I'm learning, reading the documentation and
trying the examples contained in it.

I'd like to report a few "printing errors", that I have found in the
page "Lists and Tabs" of the programmers guide.

a) In the method viewMain appears this code:

e addTextH1: self 'My Application Title - Main View'.

I think, the word self should be removed.

The same occurs with the methods secondMain and thirdMain.

b) The name of the method secondMain should be viewSecond, the same with
the method thirdMain.

I'm using Damien's image with Aida 5.6, but I couldn't load Scribo in
it. (Doesn't find ScriboStyle Class)

Any help with this, would be appreciate.

Thanks in advance,


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