[aida] On ESUG 09 with tutorial, experience reports, anything else?

Lorenzo Schiavina lorenzo at edor.it
Mon Feb 9 12:49:52 CET 2009


I am completing the Italian tutorial which, IMHO can be a base for a real 
tutorial; if you anser the question I made with my last e-mail, I think it 
will be available at the and of February.

Last year I have been ask to partecipate to innovation award with an 
application on neuro-fuzzy system I have developped in VSE ST; if there is 
sombody willing to help me in porting it in AIDA, I believe we can 
partecipate (bewere: its innovation is in the application, not in 

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> Dear all,
> ESUG 09 Call for contributions was just issued and not to be late again
> (and then last on the schedule!), we need to start planning our presence
> as early as today.
> 1. Tutorials are the new thing on this ESUG. And we need to have an Aida
> tutorial there!
> 2. Experience reports. Anyone is welcome to present the experience on
> his Aida projects.
> 3. A talk about some aspect of Aida and Scribo. What exactly?
> 4. One academic article+presentation, are we able to write it?
> 5. Innovation awards, at least one entry there! There are some secret
> shinning projects going in the underground, maybe those can surprise and
> shake the Smalltalk world to the groud? ;)
> Best regards
> Janko
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