[aida] AIDA 6 running in Dolphin 6

Bruno Buzzi Brassesco smalltalk at adinet.com.uy
Fri Dec 4 15:01:39 CET 2009

Hi all,


I'm glad to announce that AIDA v6 is running on Dolphin 6  (beta version).


The port is based on AIDA Visual Works version.


I used the packages Sport and Swazoo from Seaside 3.0 port to Dolphin (from
Infoil - thanks).


All test are green, but I will do further testing these days.



*	Integration with Sport, all modified methods are in Dolphin special
package and not as a part of Sport (not big deal). 


In the next days Janko will upload the packages to AIDA site (beta version).


I have running an AIDA site version 6 in my Dolphin image with no problems
so far.





PS: Thank to Janko !

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