[aida] Template folders in Scribo

Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Sun Sep 28 15:56:51 CEST 2008

Hi Nico,

nico wrote:

> There are two things I don't unsertsand with folders:
> First, what are template folders? What is the difference with classic
> folders.
> Second, how to create a template folder?

Template folder is a folder which hold document templates, that is 
templates from which you can create a half-filled document. Like the 
empty forms or spreadsheets in Word or Excel.

Why special folder? because on the web this folder shows documents 
differently: link goes directly to template and not to the document 
itself. Template is namely a first attachment to the document. So that 
document is actually just a holder for the real template, which is as 
said usually a Word or Excel etc. attachment.

Template folders therefore allows users easy access to such templates 
for various documents like expense forms, cost calculations etc.

Folder becomes a template one simply by calling #setTemplateFolder to 
it. All subfolders are automatically template folders as well.

Best regards

Janko Mivšek
Smalltalk Web Application Server

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