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Am 21.09.2008 um 20:06 schrieb Janko Mivšek:

> Hans N Beck wrote:
>> Ok, fine, so it sounds that managing workflows over web front end
>> could be come at some time later :-)
> Can you describe a bit more how you see such a workflow? Or provide  
> some
> pointer to an example.

Yes. The example would be the MKS Integrity Server, a commercial  
solution for SCM and Change management. An other example is inStep  
from the company microTool.

Workflow as I mean it is to setup a graph, where the nodes are states,  
for documents for example, and the vertices are transitions. The graph  
can be given graphically (MKS) or as a simple Matrix or table  
(instep). If a document is in a certain state, only the possible next  
states will be offered to the user. The user selects the new state for  
the document, which means the document follows the transition and  
becomes the new state.  Often, not every transition is available to  
every user. In some systems, such a transition can be coupled with  
further actions, make a copy and send it to some people, for example.

Hope this helps.

Best regards

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