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Hans N Beck private at hans-n-beck.de
Sun Sep 21 19:59:57 CEST 2008


Am 21.09.2008 um 19:46 schrieb Janko Mivšek:

> Hello Hans,
> Let me first welcome you to the Aida community! Please find the  
> answers
> below.

Great, Thanks :-)

> About workflow, there is all in place but not used in  current  
> plugins.
> In Scribo core there you have Document state, persons and timestamps,
> methods to jump from state to state, say from #pending to #released  
> and
> this is a basics for making your own workflow. I have it implemented  
> in
> commercial BiArt CMS for managing documentation for several standards
> like ISO9000 etc. Workflow is fixed but it can be easily done more
> configurable. There is also a commercial BiArt/BPM, where you have
> workflow defined in terms of business processes, which are then  
> executed
> and can besides other control the flow of work on documents.

Ok, fine, so it sounds that managing workflows over web front end  
could be come at some time later :-)
> Left navigation bar is part of WebStyle/ScriboStyle methods (see
> protocol frame navigation). WebStyle is otherwise where you make all
> "styling" of your page (CSS, images, JS, basic page organization, etc)
> and it is site specific. You usually subclass it with your own class  
> and
> set up your website to use it. That way you can achieve running many
> websites with different styles on the same image.


> Tabs are also too fixed right now but we will soon make more general
> menu/tab component as part of SqueakSite project, stay tuned!

yeah, that would be great

>> I know, this is beta, so this things are part of the future ?
> In near future actually. But one of the Scribo goals is to come closer
> to end users and specially mso called "power users" where we can
> actually compete with Smalltalk to those 1000nds CMSes out there.

oh yes, this is my hope. If as a end user only want to set up a web  
site I don't want to learn one API and another and another :-)
And to be "end user" does not mean to not appreciate powerful  
features ;-)

Great, so please go ahead, I will stay tuned  :-)

Best Regards


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