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Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Fri Sep 19 00:01:45 CEST 2008

Rob Rothwell wrote:
> Thanks...I'll think about that.
> So...if you just wanted to "get something working" for now and you 
> wanted to break up your screen into different regions and not worry 
> about them being resizeable, etc...  what would you do?

Plain simple tables. But as I said problem will be in updating other 
panes (cells in that case) when you for instance select something in 
first pane (like in smalltalk browser). Try with calling many 
onClickUpdate: , each for pane which needs to be updated on such a 
select. Each pane is therefore an ajaxified element added to each cell 
of the browser.

For example:


   e := WebElement new.
   e cell add: self classPane.
   e newCell add: self protocolPane.
   e newCell add: self methodPane.
   e newRow.
   e cell collSpan: 3; add: self editPane.


  ^self panes at: #class ifAbsentPut:
    [| e l |
    e := WebElement new.
    l := some link to be clicked etc...
      onClickUpdate: self protocolPane;
      onClickUpdate: self methodPAne;
      onClickUpdate: self editPane.


Well, try something like this, but note, these are just some ideas right 
from my head and probably won't work "out of the box".


> Take care,
> Rob
> On Thu, Sep 18, 2008 at 4:25 PM, Janko Mivšek <janko.mivsek na eranova.si 
> <mailto:janko.mivsek na eranova.si>> wrote:
>     Hi Rob,
>     Rob Rothwell wrote:
>         Can you create panes in Aida?
>         I am trying to create a "browser" for queries against my object
>         with a "Criteria" pane, a "Group" pane, a "Results" pane, and a
>         "Detail" pane.  So...basically a typical Smalltalk code browser
>         with different functionality for the panes.
>     One possibility is to use IFRAMEs (see WebIFrame), where every such
>     frame is like a separate window (with separate Url) inside your main
>     window. We use IFrames in Scribo for attachments, for instance.
>     Another possibility is to use usual table with ajaxified elements as
>     panes in each cell.
>     Problem in both cases is how to update other panes when something
>     changes. Aida Ajax so far supports updating only one element at
>     once. That is, you can change one pane at once. Maybe with some
>     trick more panes can be updated even with current Aida? Otherwise we
>     need to extend Ajax support to multi-element updating (inside a
>     single Ajax call).
>     But, hmm, more that one ajax call can be sent even now, you just
>     send two onClickUpdate: ? A bit experimentation is therefore needed ...
>     Just few thoughts...
>     Janko
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