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Subject: [squeak-dev] Call For Participants: Smalltalk Superpowers 
(Their	Uses for Good or Evil)
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2008 15:42:46 -0700
From: Travis Griggs <travisgriggs na gmail.com>


We're looking for your story! OOPSLA 2008 will feature the "Smalltalk
Superpowers (Their Uses for Good or Evil)" workshop, on Monday October
20, 2008. It's a workshop where we tell stories. Stories about the
programming superpowers that we've seen peers wield (in any dynamic
language, not just Smalltalk), or have wielded ourselves. By
"superpowers", we mean those features that give the programmer
abilities beyond those of normal object-oriented programming. Examples
in Smalltalk include #become:, #changeClassTo:, #doesNotUnderstand:,

We want to catalog and discuss uses of these superpowers, and whether
their use ended up being the hero of the day, or the villain of the
year. We invite you to come and join us! You're free to just come and
listen, but to make our little story hour worthwhile, we need a good
number of stories, so please consider submitting and sharing. You
don't need to be a superpower user yourself, your story may have been
from the viewpoint of the innocent bystander, rather than the doer.

So jump to the link at the top of this email, and find out how to
submit your story. We look forward to hearing from you And to seeing
you at OOPSLA.

Travis Griggs
"The best way to know you have a mind is to change it" -Judge Pierre

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