[aida] A little GUI app to start/stop Scribo, any takers?

Germán Arduino garduino at gmail.com
Tue Oct 28 18:18:46 CET 2008

Well, I asked Janko when he posted this mail about the sort of UI (web
or desktop) and he tell me that prefer desktop.

Being desktop not a big problem to execute, if you have VNC running on
such image.

But, I think that Janko and Nico should respond :)


2008/10/28 Jimmie Houchin <j.squeak en cyberhaus.us>:
> I just had a thought.
> What if we simply put an always running AIDA/Scribo admin web page on an
> uncommon port. This way if the setup is running headless or on another
> machine an admin page can be always available to start and stop
> AIDA/Scribo sites and apps as desired.
> This admin should always be on and running and independent of any other
> AIDA/Scribo site or app. It should be aware of all AIDA/Scribo sites and
> apps that are installed or available to be installed and configured.
> This way the UI is put into skill set of those who use and develop
> AIDA/Scribo and would also be available to any of the Smalltalks running
> AIDA/Scribo. It could be built to handle any and all website
> administration, installation, configuration, etc. functionality the
> community wants.
> Just wanted to put that out there.
> Jimmie
> Germán Arduino wrote:
>> Not much time, however I talked something with Nico and he told me
>> that should be better to avoid using any framework (I was thinking in
>> use EasyMorphicGUI or even MCTool).
>> Then I found some free minutes, and tried to build something with pure
>> morphic, and I have something like the screen attached. Not work yet,
>> but is only and idea, to know if may be useful or not.
>> Let me know.
>> Cheers.
>> 2008/10/5 Janko Mivšek <janko.mivsek en eranova.si>:
>>> Dear all,
>>> For forthcoming Scribo one-click image to be as easy as possible for
>>> newcomers and non Smalltalkers we need to build a small GUI app for
>>> start and stop of Scribo.
>>> Anyone volunteering for that really simple Squeak Morphic app?
>>> I see this app in a small window, with:
>>> 1. Scribo logo at the top
>>> 2. two buttons: Start, Stop, one is obviously grayed and disabled.
>>> 3. aidademo running at http://localhost:8888
>>>    (this line is written from AIDASite data, one line for each
>>>     AIDASite present. See SwazooServer singleton sites)
>>> 4. class name: ScriboStartup (or osmething like that)
>>> That's it? Isn't really simple :)
>>> Janko
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