[aida] Demo website updated

nico petton.nicolas at gmail.com
Wed Oct 22 22:11:46 CEST 2008

Hi all,

The demo website of Aida and Scribo has been updated

What's new?

In Scribo, nothing...but in Aida, first Janko improved AJAX integration,
and fixed some nasty bugs, with checkboxes for example. If you want to
understand more deeply how Aida elements work with AJAX, look at his
patches, it's very elegant :)

The new WebSecurityManagerApp is also committed, with 2 new other apps:
WebUserApp and WebUserGroupApp. Login as admin on the website
(admin/password) and go to http://demo.bioskop.fr/security.html to see
changes. Also, when a user is loggued in, he can access to his account
page (there is a link on the left, just below the header).

There are a lot of other small changes, and Squeak version is now
up-to-date with VW.

If you want to try the latest version, be *careful*, some parts of
WebSecurityManagerApp still need a lot of tests.


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