[aida] Scaling an Aida/Web site?

nico petton.nicolas at gmail.com
Thu Oct 16 13:15:24 CEST 2008


I did some experiements some weeks ago to see how Scribo can scale with
a Magma repository.

The cool thing with Magma is that your objects work like if they were in
your image.

I put the Scribo repository, the UrlResolver, WebSecurityManager and
WebIndex in a Magma repository.

This repository was shared between 5 Squeak VMs.

I used Apache for load balancing, and I wrote a small bash script to
make sure that user sessions are always in the same vm, with a cookie.

So, when a request came, the script checked for this cookie, and if it
find it, redirect to the right VM. If not, use the load balancing, and
then AIDA started a session, with a cookie for the next request.

I can say that it worked great!

According to httperf, this setup can handle 150 requests per second :)

The script and Apache configuration was adapted from this one by Ramon
Leon for Seaside:



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