[aida] Questions about Scribo wiki versus Scribo site

Germán Arduino garduino at gmail.com
Sat Oct 11 17:40:08 CEST 2008

Thanks by the comments Nico.

2008/10/11 nico <petton.nicolas en gmail.com>:
> Le samedi 11 octobre 2008 à 09:54 -0300, Germán Arduino a écrit :
>> Hi:
>> I'm developing my first customer web site based on Scribo/Aida.
>> I'm trying to learn from the Squeak site code from Janko (Can you
>> remember the address of the repository were were I can check by new
>> versions?).
> Hi German,
> the repository is on http://mc.bioskop.fr/SqueakSite
>> I noticed that SqueakSite is based on wiki component
> really?
> It should probably be based on Site instead...

I think that is based on the wiki, bu may be I'm wrong.

>>  and would know
>> what are the main differences or things to take in account to use wiki
>> versus the "site" component.
> Sites have tabs, are only editable by admins (yes, tabs in Site are now
> editable), and the actions line is only visible by admins.

They aren't editable with TinyMce?

> Also, by
> default site pages don't have the left menu. See for example
> http://www.swazoo.org, it's the Site plugin.

Ahh, ok. And it's possible to add a left menu?

>> I need that the user can modify by himself its pages (obviously) and a
>> tree menu at the lef with at least 3  levels of nesting
> I'm working on the left menu to make it editable. Stay tuned :)



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