[aida] Aida Wish List

Stefan Schmiedl s at xss.de
Wed Nov 19 22:24:04 CET 2008

On Wed, 19 Nov 2008 20:24:45 +0100
Janko Mivšek <janko.mivsek at eranova.si> wrote:

> I also vote no for GUI tool to build web apps. We need to have a web 
> tool for building web apps.

which is only appropriate for a lisp-based webapp framework,
because of the recursiveness :-)

> About that start/stop GUI console, this is just for newbies to ease
> them first steps into Scribo CMS. Remember, these users usually won't
> be Smalltalkers, so we shoud provide them such entry points like a
> simple start button in a simple one-click Scribo distribution.

hmm... If you're targeting the "one-click-newbie" here,
we're talking about a local test environment on a linux
or windows box. Assuming the one-click Scribo is based
on Squeak, the world window will be open, where a
nice workspace with a short explanation on how to handle
these tasks would be visible.

IIRC, squeaks introductory workspaces even had clickable
smalltalk code samples.

Easy to implement, no external tools required.


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