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Germán Arduino garduino at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 14:08:54 CET 2008

Hi Janko, list:

Well, my first motivation, more than the details of the points, was to point
the need of have a "Wish List" somewhere. :)

About the details, some comments between your lines:

2008/11/18 Janko Mivšek <janko.mivsek en eranova.si>

> This is good idea, let we open an Aida SPM and a Wish list page there.
> Also we need to make a nice inter-site registration process for a single
> logon as well.


> > * Swazoo/Scribo Morphic Console (Myself developing, by now the working
> > version is http://scribo.aidaweb.si/repository/scribo-console-gsa.5.mcz)
> This is important as a small step towards more user friendliness of
> forthcoming Scribo, because usability is currently our main goal for
> next beta.

Well, I will continue developing as soon as I get a bit of free time. It's
first on my open source to-do list priorities.

> > * Magritte integration
> Not really integration but support in a separate package, which you
> start using when your problem became really so complex to justify
> introducing Magritte. By default we don't need it. We need to keep Aida
> and Scribo simple, because we have just too big advantage here.
> In my opinion Pier fate is such just because they integrated Magritte
> for a just too simple task for it. End result is excessive complexity in
> front of the user, who in majority seeks just a simple CMS solution. We
> need to approach such users with simplicity, but later let them choose
> tools for more complex solutions as well. At that time Magritte came
> into picture, IMO.

Ok, I understand your point. I was talking exactly about such thing: Non
trivial applications.

> > * Some tools as SeaBreeze or SmallFaces.
> I see so called Scaffolding as something we can introduce in Aida quite
> easily for the start. Scaffoling means that with a tool you generate all
>  stubs for your code, which is usually most boring and mundane task at
> the start. Later you continue with normal development. See "Scaffolding
> for GemStone" screencast about a tool made by Gerhard Obermann:
>        http://vimeo.com/2231019

Yes, I saw Scaffolding, look very interesting.

> Tools like SeaBreeze are also to be considered, but such tools need to
> be introduced carefully, we see just too many such visual tools which
> after a big investment in development time failed at the end.
> For instance, I don't see how SeaBreeze can deal with  component based
> development, which is a cornerstone for both Aida and Seaside. If we'd
> therfore go that way, we need to answer this question first, in advance.

Understand. I was pointing more that the functionality of SeaBreeze, tools
that help to reduce the development time. A visual composition of (boring)
things as tables, input texts, etc are ever useful imho.

> > * Gemstone/Magma integration.
> Aida is already ported to Gemstone while Scribo not yet. Magma is also
> welcome, but it would be just nice if Magam would be ported to some
> other dialect too. Otherwise it will have a hard time against up to 4GB
> free Gemstone.

Very very good point. I was trying to establish priorities to focus the ever
free time to learn new things. Indeed with your comment, the first option is
then Gemstone.

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