[aida] Aida Wish List

Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Tue Nov 18 11:24:46 CET 2008

Hi Germán, others,

Germán Arduino wrote:

> On #aida irc frequently we talk about things we would love to see on 
> Aida but the most of times only remains on talks.
> I would suggest to have a wiki page or so to add things that the 
> developers wish to have on Aida (of course the same may be with Scribo).

This is good idea, let we open an Aida SPM and a Wish list page there. 
Also we need to make a nice inter-site registration process for a single 
logon as well.

> Having them write don't make sure that we will have, but at least they 
> are documented and discussed.
> I would start with the next:
> * Swazoo/Scribo Morphic Console (Myself developing, by now the working 
> version is http://scribo.aidaweb.si/repository/scribo-console-gsa.5.mcz)

This is important as a small step towards more user friendliness of 
forthcoming Scribo, because usability is currently our main goal for 
next beta.

> * Magritte integration

Not really integration but support in a separate package, which you 
start using when your problem became really so complex to justify 
introducing Magritte. By default we don't need it. We need to keep Aida 
and Scribo simple, because we have just too big advantage here.

In my opinion Pier fate is such just because they integrated Magritte 
for a just too simple task for it. End result is excessive complexity in 
front of the user, who in majority seeks just a simple CMS solution. We 
need to approach such users with simplicity, but later let them choose 
tools for more complex solutions as well. At that time Magritte came 
into picture, IMO.

> * Some tools as SeaBreeze or SmallFaces.

I see so called Scaffolding as something we can introduce in Aida quite 
easily for the start. Scaffoling means that with a tool you generate all 
  stubs for your code, which is usually most boring and mundane task at 
the start. Later you continue with normal development. See "Scaffolding 
for GemStone" screencast about a tool made by Gerhard Obermann:


Tools like SeaBreeze are also to be considered, but such tools need to 
be introduced carefully, we see just too many such visual tools which 
after a big investment in development time failed at the end.

For instance, I don't see how SeaBreeze can deal with  component based 
development, which is a cornerstone for both Aida and Seaside. If we'd 
therfore go that way, we need to answer this question first, in advance.

> * Gemstone/Magma integration.

Aida is already ported to Gemstone while Scribo not yet. Magma is also 
welcome, but it would be just nice if Magam would be ported to some 
other dialect too. Otherwise it will have a hard time against up to 4GB 
free Gemstone.

Best regards

Janko Mivšek
Smalltalk Web Application Server

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