[aida] Aida Wish List

Germán Arduino garduino at gmail.com
Sat Nov 15 00:56:29 CET 2008


On #aida irc frequently we talk about things we would love to see on Aida
but the most of times only remains on talks.

I would suggest to have a wiki page or so to add things that the developers
wish to have on Aida (of course the same may be with Scribo).

Having them write don't make sure that we will have, but at least they are
documented and discussed.

I would start with the next:

* Swazoo/Scribo Morphic Console (Myself developing, by now the working
version is http://scribo.aidaweb.si/repository/scribo-console-gsa.5.mcz)

* Magritte integration

* Some tools as SeaBreeze or SmallFaces.

* Gemstone/Magma integration.

Well, what do you think about?


Germán S. Arduino
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