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Lorenzo Schiavina lorenzo at edor.it
Wed Jul 16 16:50:59 CEST 2008

I Janko,

I will be in Tarvisio in August; do you think we can meet personally ?


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> Dear Aiders,
> I'm following an interesting debate here:
> http://www.nabble.com/thoughts-on-Seaside-3.0-td18448440.html
> This post is really interesting to read, because author argues that we
> Smalltalkers have an ignorance of the design side of web development.
> Namely, web designers have a different way of working, which goes well
> with templating, less well with component based development as we are
> doing. I actually agree with him here, I also have that kind of
> experience with web developers. Also, CSS separation of content and
> design is more the theory than established practice for them. Last
> experience with http://www.nets.si clearly shows that.
> Aida actually had templating, but we switched off it. Now the templating
> is kind of supported by embedding the html code directly into methods.
> This can maybe be even better than traditional templating in HTML files
> because of version control, but on the other hand it is not handy for
> web designers.
> Any thoughts about that subject? What is your experience with web 
> designers?
> Janko
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