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Rob Rothwell r.j.rothwell at gmail.com
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First, let me thank you for your good work on AIDA!

The business problem I am working on is a healthcare data collection
application that combines electronically available data with data that must
be manually collected and applies various business logic rules.

I have known for about 3 years that Smalltalk was the way to go to keep up
with the constantly changing business logic and "subclass-like" nature of
the problems, but I have admittedly struggled learning it.

Nonetheless, I stuck with it, went through the usual "tool" selection
process, and settled on Squeak (for now).  Then I spent a lot of time
struggling with Seaside thinking that the best examples would be there now
and in the future because, as you put it, it is "more popular."

But what I found is that AIDA was just easier for a novice Smalltalker to
pick up.  You must have done something right!  Seaside feels like  it
assumes a much greater knowledge of Web programming, which I am lacking.
AIDA just "makes sense."  Thanks again!

Now for my questions:

1.  I want to learn how to apply style sheets to my application.  I can find
people to help me with CSS, but I was wondering if anyone had a simple
example showing some simple WebStyle method overrides and their effects to
get me started.

2.  It feels like I need to add a new site so I can play around with its
WebStyle.  I am developing locally right now, so when I try to add a new
local site (after registering a new hostname in the Windows hosts file) with

     AIDASite newNamed: 'mysite',

I get the error "Site with such host:ip:port combination not allowed!"

Debugging shows me that I am failing one of the rules:
    "is host:ip:port combination of aSite allowed regarding to existing
        1. host name must be unique, except if it is * (anyHost)
        2. only one site per port can run on any host and all IP interfaces
(ip = * or
        3. if there is a site runing on all IPs, then no one can run on
specific ip, per port
        4. 3 vice versa
        5. there is no site with the same host ip port combination

because of

    (aSite onAllInterfaces not and: [self hasSiteOnAllInterfacesOnPort:
aSite port])
        ifTrue: [^false].

Inspecting (SwazooServer singleton sites) reveals the default Swazoo "Hello
World" application and the aidademo site both having:

ip = '*'
host = '*'
port = 8888.

Any suggestions?

Thanks again for the good work,

Rob Rothwell
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