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Nicholas Moore nicholas.moore at tsr-i.com
Fri Jan 18 15:25:39 CET 2008

Well done Janko - more than I have managed!

It seems to me that Smalltalk has been around for so long that there are
many best practices that have emerged with respect to coding standards
and patterns, enough to create a small library.

That suggests to me that there will not be many things which are unique
to Aida because what is best practice in Smalltalk generally will apply
to Aida. Therefore perhaps the 'conventions' might be more like a cross
between a HowTo, a glossary and a features list.

Just trying to make life easier!! :-)).


Janko Mivšek wrote:
> Dear all,
> As Jimmie proposed I started writing coding conventions for developing 
> Aida and Scribo: http://www.aidaweb.si/coding-conventions.html.
> So far just:
> 1. Because Aida is a portable framework, we must be careful to use 
> Sport portability library instead of dialect classes for Times, Files 
> and Sockets.
> 2. Aida is an international framework, with full Unicode support 
> internally and UTF-8 encoding externally
> .. and I'm now out of ideas ..:)
> Janko


*Nicholas J Moore*

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