[aida] AIDA URL resolution patch

Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Mon Jan 14 11:37:12 CET 2008

Hi Masashi,

Nice to hear that Japanese works well on Aida! And yes, if we like 
mention that Aida has nice looking Urls, they must be nice in all 
languages! I admit that here we are a bit lazy, in my country for 
instance we just downgrade our writings to ASCII. Due to inertia 
probably, because no long ago that was the only possibility.

Your patch is a right way to go, but maybe I'd put it in URLResolver 
instead. I'll try this by myself and test with our characters.

Few words about encodings in Aida: on the web Aida uses UTF-8 encoding 
only while internally all strings must be Unicode. That means in Squeak 
Byte/WideStrings, on VW Byte/TwoByte/FourByteStrings. Keep in mind that 
we never preserves strings in UTF-8 internally.

But with your patch you actually made Aida with Japanese Urls, did you 
try that already?

Best regards

Masashi UMEZAWA wrote:
> Hello Janko and all,
> I've started playing around with AIDA/Web. I was quite impressed that
> it can handle m17n string quite well! I was able to confirm Japanese string
> is displayed and submitted without any changes to AIDA.
> However, I found a little problem in multibyte URL resolution.
> In HTTPRequest>>uriString, it returns request uri "as is", so it is
> not encoded as Smalltalk internal m17n string. I think it is OK in Swazoo
> level.
> But AIDASite>>objectTo:forSession: uses the raw string for resolving object,
> It fails because urlResolver's dictionary's keys are Smalltalk string.
> I think it should be converted as Smalltalk internal m17n string.
> Please see the attached file.
> P.S.
> I 've also found some methods that should be fixed.
> (Maybe you have noticed them, but just FYI).
> AIDASite class>>default. (there are some senders. But method is not
> implemented).
> AIDASite backupToFile. (In Squeak, there is no BOSS)
> AIDASite restoreSiteNamed: (In Squeak, there is no BOSS)
> Thanks again for releasing this great web app server.
> Cheers,
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