[aida] AIDA/Web 5.6 released

Nicolas Petton petton.nicolas at gmail.com
Sat Jan 12 00:27:24 CET 2008

Le samedi 12 janvier 2008 à 00:12 +0100, Janko Mivšek a écrit :
> Nicolas Petton wrote:
> >> I hope that this release will be another step towards making a Smalltalk 
> >> the best platform for most demanding web applications.
> > 
> > This is great!
> > 
> > But the Squeak version still have the same bugs as Aida 5.4
> > (String>>ContentsAsMethod, WebSecurityManagerApp>>actionAddUser, etc).
> Eh, Didn't we solve that long ago? I somehow lost that patches...
I will send you the patches :)
>  I need 
> to set-up my own Montichelo or something to track Squeak specific 
> changes.
If you want you can use mine, I'm always tracking squeak specific
bugs :)

>   But a goal is to have a dialect neutral code while dialect 
> specific one should be in Sport.
Some patches are dialect neutral too...
> Janko
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