[aida] AIDA/Web and swazoo on GST ?

Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Wed Jan 9 22:24:44 CET 2008

Nicolas Petton wrote:

>>> is there a plan to port swazoo and aida on GNU Smalltalk ?
>>> GNU Smalltalk is IMO a very good smalltalk dialect, but some features
>>> (like aida :)) are still missing. 

>> Yes, I talked with Paolo on ESUG Lugano and he is fond of Swazoo port, 
>> but a bit less Aida, of course.

> Why "of course" ?

Well, Aida is still not as popular as other frameworks, therefore is 
understandable to me that other Smalltalks want more popular framework 
ported there first. This increases their popularity too. But such a 
stance can be changed when they realize all strengths of Aida. Here we 
can compete most efficiently.

Janko Mivšek
Smalltalk Web Application Server

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