[aida] Squeak stability (was Squeak code .. on the Web)

tulipe.moutarde at gmail.com tulipe.moutarde at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 23:08:33 CET 2008

Hi Janko,

> But then I won't have a development environment accessible for
> on-the-fly debugging of errors. On my VW images this is actually the
> biggest advantage over other frameworks: that I can see and debug errors
> in a live image and even not immediately but after a while. On my
> collocated server and its image you'll see some exceptions waiting there
> for months to be solved. Not to be proud of that but you can see the point.
> Janko

I'm quite new to Squeak (and Smalltalk) but I think you can simply
start a VNC server in your image, save it and relaunch it with
squeak -vm display=none,sound=none squeakWeb.image
and you'll be able to connect to it with VNC ( http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/834
) from the outside :)

Hope that helps,


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