[aida] failure in parsing HTTPRequestLine

Andreas Petermann petepetermann at gmx.de
Thu Feb 21 13:42:34 CET 2008

Janko Mivšek schrieb:
> Hi Andreas,
> Andreas Petermann wrote:
>> because of getting arbitrary 502 errors, i found out that the reason for that problem is an error in parsing the HTTPRequestLine. When it is not possible to find a corresponding HTTPRequest class is the leading character of the method a <lf>. I simple solved this problem by an additional #trimBlanks.
>> Is this is a bug in Swazoo or my Firefox?
> I didn't have first request line parsing errors for ages so I'm really 
> interested what is happening in your case. Can you spy a network and 
> record, what is actually flowing on the wire? With Ethereal or similar 
> spy/network monitor. That way we will find a cause most efficiently.
Hi Janko,

i will do it and mail the result the next week. I am interested in that 
problem too.

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