[aida] How to force an Application to refresh its view

Rob Rothwell r.j.rothwell at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 23:57:04 CET 2008


Someday, I too may have useful information for those in need!

wellllllll... google has a "special" search dialog somewhere (probably
> in "beta" :-) which polls the server after every keystroke recorded by
> the input box. If you type slow enough, you can watch suggestions for
> search terms pop up.

Is that why typing in GMail is so slow sometimes?

> Define "on demand". Who is the "I" getting the message. I assume that
> the "I" owning "my domain model" is the application server.

If I have this right, in AIDA, a WebApplication object is bound to a single
instance of a domain model object.  Each new web session generates a new
WebApplication instance.  Within that instance (containing all the various
form rendering methods) I am receiving a message indicating that the domain
model the WebApplication instance is bound to has changed.  At that point,
or "on demand," I would like to tell my WebApplication instance to refresh

I'll defer to people actually knowing AIDA on this one :-)

Yea...I'm probably doing something backwards.  I'm just starting to be
comfortable with Smalltalk in general (I still feel like I'm trying to think
inside-out), and while AIDA seemed easier to pick up than Seaside (for a
novice, at least), I am still not quite there yet!  However, I have run a
Seaside example that I THINK is similar to what I am trying to do (
so I am hoping it can be done with AIDA as well!

Thanks for your help,

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