[aida] How to force an Application to refresh its view

Rob Rothwell r.j.rothwell at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 19:33:13 CET 2008

Hello...I seem to be full of questions...!

How can I force an application to refresh its view?

I am trying using the Announcement framework to send an announcement to an
application (from another object) and then have it refresh the display to
include new information (for example, someone else just entered some new
data in another system).

I am getting the announcement, but when I try a "self viewMain" it executes
the viewMain code, but does not actually change the display.  I can
successfully display the correct information to a Transcript window...the
web page just does not repaint.  The next time it does, however, the
information is updated.

It "feels" like the page does not know it is "dirty," so it goes through the
motions but doesn't really force the browser to repaint.

Thanks again...

Rob Rothwell
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