[aida] Caching in Aida

Damir Horvat damir.horvat at kleko.si
Mon Dec 8 22:02:39 CET 2008

Janko Mivšek wrote:

> Consider how impressive can be if you generate a page from some database 
> instead. 50 times faster at least, I'd guess. Also, for very frequent 
> sites you can cache just say 5 seconds and this already have a big 
> impact. I noticed that technique at http://stackoverflow.com, where you 
> won't notice caching of the first page until you ask a question and then 
> see that it comes on first page with a slight, hardly noticeable few 
> seconds delay.

That's the right way to do it. You cache different parts of the web site 
different amounts of time, ranging from most changable data (few seconds 
only) to least ones (few ten or hundred of seconds).

But there are caveats, you can't just cache everything. I understand, 
you've got a new hammer and now every problem looks like a nail. :-)

Just be careful, caching can lead to bizzare situations if used without 
careful thought. But it's also a great tool and like all other tools, 
one needs to learn how to use it properly. Your advices on Aida cache 
supage are great and should be respected.

It's like SEO - only trial & error will do. :-)

Congrats Janko! This is great milestone!


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