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Herbert König herbertkoenig at gmx.net
Sat Dec 6 12:07:30 CET 2008

Hello Janko,

JM> Welcome to the list and the Aida community. I hope you'll have a lot of
JM> fun with us!
thank you, and yes I think we will.

>> For this I added book to the address so it could reference its book.
>> I didn't manage to do this via a button.
JM> Why would you make a back link with button?

I think more GUI than Web. For now it doesn't matter but later on I
will need a (more fancy looking) button. A fancy link is ok too.

>> Next I wanted to add a cancel button to the add a new entry view. I'm
>> thinking GUI not web here so cancel should go back to the address book
>> without adding the new address.
>> I didn't manage this, though I found out about the naming convention
>> in #addButtonText:action:.
>> I tried
>> e cell addButtonText: 'Cancel' action: #actionAddCancel

JM> action: #cancel !

>> having an #actionCancel and an #actionAddCancel (just in case)
>> implemented like:
>> actionCancel
>>     self redirectToView: #main.

JM> #actionAddCancel !

Well I've tried all four possible combinations and cancel still adds
the entry. I use a 3.8.2 image with a Win 3.10.6 VM if that matters.

>> I think these should be added to the tutorial (I'm willing to, if
>> shown how to edit it) as well as well as being able to change an
>> address in the addresses #viewMain (I guess I'll manage).

JM> I agree, good idea. It seems that action naming conventions are not
JM> clear enough. Did you check programming guide too?

I did and it more or less quotes the comment. So my first attempt was
to have in viewAdd a line:
 e cell addButtonText: 'Cancel' action: #actionCancel.
and create a method:
    self redirectToView: #main.
But from this convention a I understand it the add action should be
named #actionAddAdd for the view being add and the action being add.

>> Also edit in line in the main address book (maybe I'll have to ask but
>> will try first).

JM> This could be fine for introduction into Ajax, let's say in next chapter
JM> of tutorial. With in-place editing component for instance.

Definitely yes.

>> As my own plans will require users to enter many point coordinates I
>> want to display only 10 or 20 addresses on the main address book
>> page so the "Add an entry" always stays visible. Most of this is
>> easily done in the model so I'll manage. As soon as I get several
>> buttons to work I'll also manage the necessary navigation.

JM> This is like adding comments in many blogs? Note also that you can
JM> initially hide such form and show it with click on some url link.

No, the points form a closed polygon of e.g. the cross section of a
road. Other than the address book where the main use is reading the
main work here is to enter points.

So this should require few mouse miles (I claim copyright for this
term :-)) and little waiting on a server. Ideally the user has the
fingers on the numerical block of the keyboard without touching the
mouse or any other key.

>> This should less than double the tutorial and my belief is that the
>> tutorial should end with the address book in a more usable state. It
>> should definitely not get as lengthy as Stepahn Wessels laser game
>> tutorial.

JM> I agree, let we therefore open a second chapter of tutorial with more
JM> advanced features. Ajax specially because it is so easy to do in Aida.

JM> But let we put a Cancel button in existing tutorial. Shall we add back
JM> references from Address to AddressBook here too?

Yes. I think edit an address in the addressApp's view and delete an
entry (maybe same place at first) should go into the first chapter.
The tutorial is beautifully short and should stay that way. But I
would wish that in the and of a tutorial the learner should say:
"Wow there is a fully operational app built in this few steps and I
know everything to extend it to a real address book (mobile, business
phone, address, different summary views).

In the end it's your child and you decide.

JM> I hope above answers will help!

Dunno why I don't get the cancel button working but I'll continue with
the other steps outlined in the first post.


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