[aida] New logo proposal - edelweiss

Andreas Petermann petepetermann at googlemail.com
Mon Aug 18 20:13:35 CEST 2008

Giuseppe Luigi Punzi schrieb:
> I like very much the logo attached in your mail.
I also like the attached one (or the upper right one on the website). 
The icon form is also good for favicon and the Edelweiss flower in the 
middle looks well-balanced.
The biological analogy to aida/web is quite not the best: ephemerality, 
after a few years no reproduction possible!
On the other site, it was the flower of emperors and kings... this 
sounds better :)

But i would prefer a logo similar to the swazoo one, the down right or 
upper left one from nadja's second round.
See the discussion if aida should named web framework or web application 
server, aida cannot work without swazoo, so this can be also expressed 
by similar logos.


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