[aida] Workflow

Jimmie Houchin j.squeak at cyberhaus.us
Mon Aug 18 02:01:39 CEST 2008

nico wrote:
> Le dimanche 17 août 2008 à 18:18 -0500, Jimmie Houchin a écrit :
>> Hello,
>> I am about to start working on a website that I would like to use Scribo 
>> for.
> Good idea ;) If you wait a week or so, a beta should be released.
>> I will need some workflow in this web app.
>> Does Scribo have any workflow at this time?
> It depends...what are your needs exactly?

This is a website for my Church's worship team. Workflow needs are very 

The leader selects a group of people for the band, choir, whomever may 
be involved in a music set. The list of songs, and people is emailed to 
all participants. Each of the participants then verify whether or not 
they are able to participate.

If a member is not able to participate, then the next person in the list 
of members for that position is emailed and participation requested. The 
team leader is emailed results of the acceptance of the participants.

There will also be workflow of documents.

Editing and creation of songs in a process of verification before being 
approved to be placed on the website. Etc.

>>  How about SPM?
>> I've even considered using SPM as a starting place. Will SPM be 
>> available soon?
> I don't know yet. I would like to make SPM work with MC2, and add a
> multi-projects support, like SqueakSource. If you want to help, you are
> welcome.

My thought was that possibly SPM would be a place that could be started 
that allowed a potential project and workflow management of the song 
(document) processing above.

People could issues tickets as to typos and errors in the existent pdf 
documents or mp3s on the website. And a process put into place to deal 
with the issues.

So my use would not be code or software development at all.

And all that I develop will be open source and available.

I want and will be working towards some of the features as described in 
Plone4Artists. http://www.plone4artists.org
Screencast describing the software is on the above page.

And at some point improve social networking amongst team members.

>> To my understanding, SPM is an app built on top of Scribo? Therefore all 
>> of Scribo is available to SPM?
> That's right. All of Scribo works in SPM, including Scriblets, blog, and
> so on.


Presently I can't think of a better tool for my task ahead than 
Squeak/Aida/Scribo. There are some solutions that are ready to use 
(somewhat). And I have strongly considered Plone. But I really believe 
that I end up with a better, more maintainable and enjoyable experience 
building this up with Scribo.

So in the building of this website, I might be firing lots of questions 
yours and Janko's way. Leaning on the experience and knowledge of you 
professionals. :)



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