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Dirk Verleysen dirk.verleysen at roots.be
Mon Sep 24 11:36:12 CEST 2007


The problem is the namespace. My classes are in the Phenix.SKH namespace. I changed the method WebApplication class>>newFromNameFor:on: to

newFromNameFor: anObject on: aSession
	"Try to create of AnObjectApp instance if exist."
	| className class |
	className := (anObject class fullName, 'App') asSymbol.
	class := [className asQualifiedReference value] on: Error do: [:ex | ^nil].
	(class allSuperclasses includes: WebApplication) ifFalse: [^nil].
	^class new observee: anObject; session: aSession; postInitialize.

And I get my first book :-).

I also decided to start using ObjectStudio 8. Since there is no GUI involved I might be able to give the OS8-team some usefull feedback.


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Hi Dirk,

Dirk Verleysen wrote:

> I get a bit further but now I get "Cannot find aWebApplication for object aClubBook". 
 > My mainView method in ClubBookApp is not accessed.

Actually even and instance of ClubBookApp was not created. This error is 
  an indication that Aida didn't manage to find an App class for your 
domain object. Your domain object class is ClubBook and you also created 
a presentation class ClubBookApp (by simply adding App to the domain 
class name). This should work, so problem must be somewhere else. On VW 
could be a namespace problem. Did you put both ClubBook and ClubBook on 
some namespace other than default?

Try to debug that problem by putting a breakpoint in Object>>webAppFor: 
or even better in WebApplication class>>newFor:on: This later method 
(actually #newFromNameFor:) searches for an App class by composing a 
name from domain object class name and then instantiate the found class 
to get a presentation object for your domain one.

> This is my simple mainView method
> viewMain
>         | e |
>         e := WebElement new.
> 	 self halt.
> 	 self title: 'Club Book'.
>         e addTextH1: 'Club Book'.
>         self pageFrameWith: e title: 'Club Book'

This method looks correct.

> As mentioned in the tutorial I subclassed my ClubBookApp from WebApplication. 
 > Now it appears that pageFrameWith:title: is not implemented on
 > WebApplication so I would think that the tutorial example wouldn't 
work either.

#pageFrameWith:title: is implemented in WebStyle. And WebStyle is not a 
subclass of WebApplication but method search anyway goes to WebStyle. 
Namely, a #doesNotUnderstand is overiden in WebApplication to redirect 
all unknown methods to an instance of WebStyle (or its subclass) which 
is registered in AIDASite style instvar.

Why so?

Well, this sounds a bit complicated and harder to debug but you will 
soon get used to. But this approach has many more advantages:

    1. WebStyle deals (as a name suggests)  with styling (CSS) of your 
web site. And styling is separated from content by separating app and 
style classes too. As is HTML separated from CSS in any well formed web 
pages those days.

    2. You can also separate style on site-by-site basis. That means 
that you can have the same Apps for many sites but sites are still 
looking differently, because they are using different styling. This is 
achieved by sublclassing WebStyle and registering a new class in 
AIDASite settings.

    3. Web hosting of many web sites on one image is very easy with this 

For instance, if you want to make your own CSS style for your ClubBook 
application, you:

1. make your own style class by subclassing WebStyle, like ClubStyle
2. (AIDASite named: 'aidademo') styleClass: 'ClubStyle'.
3. now override css* methods in ClubStyle with your own CSS
4. You can also change #pageFrameWith:title: to have a different framing 
of your web pages (different header, footer, navigation bar etc).

I hope that explains a bit one of main mysteries but also main features 
of Aida.

Best regards

Janko Mivšek
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