[aida] Tutorial

Dirk Verleysen dirk.verleysen at roots.be
Thu Sep 20 11:11:50 CEST 2007



I started the tutorial but wanted to use my own classes. I do the
SwazooServer demoStart. 


I have created a ClubBook, ClubBookApp and ClubApp classes as described
in the tutorial. 


I evaluate:

                | aBook |

                aBook := (ClubBook new) domainCollection: (Club
readAll); yourself.

(AIDASite named: 'test') urlResolver defaultURL: '/clubbook.html'
forObject: aBook


But this gives an error since 'test' returns nil.  Added AIDASite
newNamed: 'test' between the two instructions and it evaluates. I try to
browse to http://localhost:8888/clubbook.html but get a 404 Not Found.


Any idea what I'm doing wrong ?



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