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Glenn Swanlund gtsab at shaw.ca
Mon Oct 29 00:21:17 CET 2007

I'm trying to port a prototype Windows Explorer type application to Aida
(it is working as a straight HTML/JavaScript app). 
I started out in Aida with two WebIFrames, one for the folders and one
for the selected folder's contents. There are two classes used for the
model, one is the tree root and the other is the tree node. Each of
these classes has an associated App class. Using the demo site, I added
a new url with a test model. The tree App class adds two WebIFrame pages
that then appear in the browser but the page contents show nested Aida
demo pages. I added some text to both WebIFrame pages but it is not
rendered. I'm stuck on what to do after that. 
I'm wondering about the approach. Should the two WebIFrame pages be part
of WebStyle, should they come from a manager App that creates the two
pages, or have the tree App manage the pages.
Has anybody had any experience with WebIFrame that could provide some
Thanks in advance,
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