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Dirk Verleysen dirk.verleysen at roots.be
Wed Oct 24 10:43:19 CEST 2007


I made my own Bel methods to replace your Slo methods in my case. I'll have a look at the other methods you mentioned. For now this will do but maybe for VisualWorks it would be necessary to use the locale settings ?


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Dirk Verleysen wrote:

> I've changed the inputFieldFormat to ^'%e/%m/%Y'  so I get $/ instead of 
> $. between de date elements. This works until I commit a form. Then 
> there are $.'s again.

Yes, there are "slovenicisms" still in quite some places in Aida. 
Problem is also that we don't have some portable formating of dates 
between Smalltalks yet. So I did my own, but only for Slovenian.

In your case you need to adapt two class methods in WebFormElement:

WebFormElelement class
	autoConvertToString: anObject
	autoConvertString: aString toObject: anObject

Some of Slo methods are:

Date shortPrintSloString
Date class readSloFrom:
Timestamp printSloString

Bst regards

Janko Mivšek
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