[aida] Aida/Web or Seaside ?

nicolas petton petton.nicolas at gmail.com
Mon Oct 15 14:16:50 CEST 2007

Le lundi 15 octobre 2007 à 09:58 +0200, Janko Mivšek a écrit :
> Salut Nicolas,
> nicolas petton wrote:
> > I'm making a blog engine using Seaside. Today I look at Aida because I
> > really don't like those uggly urls, but I don't know Aida at all. In
> > fact I think Seaside is not the best framework for a blog.
> > 
> > What are the advantages/disadvantages between Aida and Seaside ?
> Blog is actually a prime example of pure web application. By pure I mean 
> in a pure spirit of the web. Namely, the web spirit relies on an idea of 
> hypertext, that is a text connected with hyperlinks (Urls). And that is 
> also the main idea behind Aida from the start.
> Another one is a mapping the "web" of references between objects in your 
> domain model to the web of pages as seamlessly as possible. And those 
> web pages are a representation, an UI for your domain objects, in pure 
> MVC fashion. That's a second main idea behind Aida.
> Third is a composition of web pages from components, actually a 
> hierarchical tree of them, with components composed of other components. 
> Like the elements on a typical web page are actually composed from sub 
> elements like DIVs, down to basic elements like text, images, Url links 
> etc.
> I think that with above I described main strengths of Aida, which 
> therefore are:
> 1. REST-like, nice, bookmarkable, fully automatic URL management,
What do you mean by automatic URL management ?
> 2. MVC separation of domain from its presentation, which is enforced,
> 3. Composing web pages from hierarchy of components
> There is more advantages, let me show some of them:
> 4. Low memory footprint, no need for timeouts, you can serve tens of
>     thousands of users from a single image,
> 5. Integrated security management (users, groups, access rights)
> 6. Integrated real-time statistics of visits of your web site, together
>     with referrers,
> 7. Hosting of many web sites at once (actually a Swazoo feature)
> 8. Fully integrated Ajax support, which is part of Aida and more and
>     more components are now ajaxified seamlessly, you don't even see that
>     anymore.
> 9. Back button supported simply by proper caching and redirection.
> And disadvantages? Well, main one is that Aida is not as popular as 
> Seaside :)
>  Another one? Hard to say. We can argue about control flow, 
> because Aida don't support call/answer kind of flow between pages, but 
> that is maybe even an advantage. Aida will probably go here introducing 
> Ajax call/answer, but definitively not with continuations.
> Back to blog: interesting is that I'm just thinking also to start 
> developing my own blog (and also writing into, about Aida), so if you 
> are interested, we can develop it together! What do you think?

Good idea ! My blog (written in Seaside) is almost finished, but I want
to rewrite it (mostly because of those urls...). Aida/Web seems to be a
good framework for that purpose :)

Is Aida hard to learn ?
> À bientôt
Do you speak french ?

> Janko
Nicolas Petton
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