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Wed May 23 23:23:08 CEST 2007

ack that you can store as an instance variable of the element. Yay! Now, th=
is is more complicated on the client side than I had first hoped because I =
realized that it would mean emitting code that marshaled all the form eleme=
nts on the page into a JSON request. But we should know about all the form =
fields, shouldn't we? Does Scriptaculous make it easy to pass form paramete=
rs as JSON?

Basically I would like the above code to work with or without javascript an=
d I think it's an achievable goal. If you omit the onClickUpdate: parameter=
, it would obviously just be a form post.

I'm sad to say that I won't be using Aida for my current project - not beca=
use I think it won't do it but because my inexperience makes me nervous abo=
ut billing a client for me to learn a new framework. I'm going to stay on t=
he list and try to play with it more because I think there's a great deal o=
f potential here.

To be honest, I'm a little hazy on the technical and philosophical differen=
ces between a WebElement, WebComponent and WebApplication.

On Tuesday, January 27, 2009, at 04:39PM, "Janko Miv=C5=A1ek" <janko.mivsek=> wrote:
>Hi Eli,
>Your perspective is welcome and also not far away from thinking we
>already did so far. And form posting from standalone components is high
>on the list.
>You propose to add handling of Ajax events in a manner like the
>exceptions are handled in Smalltalk. And to add the handling to the
>WebElement. We are currently more inclined to add stronger support to
>WebComponent instead and (at least for now) not handling events like
>exceptions. Mostly because experience shows that exception handling is
>hard for an usual programmer and therefore rarely used.
>But introduction of action methods to WebComponents, that's something
>worth looking at. Ok, then there will be a problem of double
>implementation of essentially the same in apps and components, but this
>could be resolved later. What I'd like to add soon is form posting from
>standalone components, Ajax style. We can achieve a lot just with that!
>Your example bellow also shows the problem of parameter passing via Ajax
>requests. So far only strings are supported and you need to compose and
>decomose them manually. General object passing would be nice of course,
>by value or maybe even by reference?
>Best regards

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