[aida] Static pages and templating (was web visibility)

Stefan Schmiedl s at xss.de
Fri Jun 29 15:44:57 CEST 2007

On Fri, 29 Jun 2007 14:31:29 +0200
Janko Mivšek <janko.mivsek at eranova.si> wrote:

> Stefan Schmiedl wrote:
> > This is one of the disturbing elements of web applications: They
> > tend to hog IP-adresses and domain names, which makes it hard to
> > add a web app to an existing (static) site.
> That raises an interesting question: is static web site really so 
> different from dynamic part (web applications) that needs to be 
> separated. I think they shall be integrated as much as possible. That 
> way we can exploit many synergies and opportunities ...

You're definitely right here, but it's a question of what was there
first. The site where I'm adding a tiny bit of dynamism has been
generated by a home-grown script with some additions made by using the
available pages as templates. It makes heavy use of server-side
includes, which tie this site quite closely to apache.

I totally agree that this site would be handled differently were it
being done today, but it was made a few years ago and there is no
real reason to change the general information available there. So I
have to treat the static part as, well, static and should not touch it.

> As you probably know Aida can serve also static pages and it can use 
> even templating. You can include an AIDA tag into your static web
> page and this tag will be replaced with dynamically produced html
> content.

That's actually news to me. 

> For fictive example to add a hit counter on your static web page:
> 	<AIDA WebCounter current>

ho hum... This is interesting, since in this case the changes to the
original source might be a relatively simple transformation, which
could be done in a few hours. And if I understand you correctly, then
the complete site would be handled by AIDA/Swazoo/Smalltalk. 

> That is part of FileProxy and is there named as 'servlet'. Not the
> best name and if we would awake templating, we should rename it.

... and provide a short and simple how-to example on how to use this.

> But I admit that I didn't use templating for a while and I'm not sure
> if it works in current Aida. But if anyone is interested, we can put
> it back fast.

It's not a priority for me right now, it's just a nice thing to have
when a prospective client is worried about migrating the current site.


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