[aida] web visibility

Damir Horvat damir at x-si.org
Fri Jun 29 08:36:14 CEST 2007

On Fri, Jun 29, 2007 at 01:12:36AM +0200, Stefan Schmiedl wrote:

> If I did not forget anything, you should now be able to call
>   http://mysite.public
>    which apache forwards to
>     which ssh tunnels to your local computer, port 8000
>      where AIDA provides a response,
>     which tunnels back to the public machine
>    where internal links get cleaned up
> and get a perfectly working AIDA site.
> And what's all that good for? Your web app never leaves the environment
> it has grown up in, it is always running on, port 8000. Which
> makes for easy deployment. And by adjusting the path parameters in the
> apache configuration, you can selectively proxy only certain directories
> instead of the whole site. You might even want to read up on
> mod_rewrite and use apache to proxy only those requests to your site
> which need to be handled dynamically.
> If somebody out there is crazy enough to actually try this, let me know
> if it worked.

This is actualy quite common solution. Except for the ssh part, as
heavy-duty servers (Apache's mod_perl, mod_lisp, Aida/Web, ...) are
usualy in local (trusted) network so ssh tunneling is not needed.

It gets interesting when one apache proxy isn't enough anymore... ;)


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