[aida] Lateral Menu Question and others

Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Thu Jun 14 18:02:57 CEST 2007

Hi Bruno

Bruno Buzzi Brassesco wrote:
> First of all congratulations for AIDA framework, it’s excellent. I’m 
> starting to use it with Dolphin Smalltalk.

Thank you for congratulations and welcome aboard!

Just keep in mind that Dolphin version is a bit behind Squeak and VW, it 
is v5.0 I think. I'm looking for someone to help maintain a Dolphin port 

> I have analyzed Seaside and Aida and I have selected Aida (Seaside it’s 
> very good too, but I feel more confortable with Aida).

Can you tell us a word or two more about reasons why you are comfortable 
with Aida?

> 1. Lateral menu question:
> It’s possible to have a collapse and expand behavior in the 
> Menu? I want to show only one expanded menu at the same time.

Making navigation area with such menus is my long wish and I did
quite some thinking about yet. I would do:

1. simplest way: make a submenu as separate WebElement in separate 
method. Then toggle (show/hide) that element on click to menu. Something 
  like that:

menu add: ((WebLink text: 'ACCOUNTS' linkTo: 'javascript:nic()')
	     onClickToggle: self submenuElement)

2. as a standalone navigation component, which Ajax update itself and 
especially remember what is expanded and what not, which above one won't.

> 2. Does Aida has integration with WebServices (to call and build)?         

Do you mean a WebServices server to accept WS calls? I think this can be 
easily done by redirecting those calls in AIDASite #answerTo: to you WS 

> If not I can help on this in my free time because in the 
> future I will need these features, and I will work on this to build 
> these features.

You are very welcome to do this and help us make Aida even better!

> So I’m willing to help you in Dolphin version of Aida and (after a 
> deeper study of Aida) adding new components and features. Of course if 
> you want it !.

Definitively! Can I ask you then to become a maintainer of Dolphin port?

> My Smalltalk background:
> 8 years of Smalltalk experience (most in Dolphin since 1999), my major 
> contribution to the community was the port of the GemBuilder (GemStone/S 
> client) to Dolphin.

Perfect, grasping Aida will therefore be just a simple exercise for you :)

Best regards

Janko Mivšek
Smalltalk Web Application Server

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